Saturday, December 20, 2008


Ahhh... The smell of the holidays is soothing my senses... I'm now excited to spend my Christmas break at my hometown. Hmmmm.. The thought of home cooked meals like Buwad and Utan Bisaya is really making me itch to go home. Right now! The taste of beer is another enticing prospect that I'm looking forward for my vacation. But the most wonderful thing of all is, I don't get to work any more! No more waking up early (9:00 am is way too early for me), no more scratching my head (without the itch), no more researching and writing non-quality articles just because the quota is now 3,500 words in one day! Not to mention those pesky LTV's! My, my... this year's Christmas break will certainly be a breath of fresh air. Whew!

Monday, December 15, 2008

All Saints/Souls Day 2008

October has come and gone and I haven’t really posted a real post. The scratchy feeling of writing something is nagging me again tonight. I kept meaning to really write about the past national holidays (All Saints and Souls day) but it is now mid- month that is why I call this entry some sort of cramming.

Well, let’s start with my homeward journey to Cebu’s northernmost town, Bogo City. Naturally, during these special holidays, the North Terminal is ready to explode with passengers, all in a hurry to get to their respective destinations. A distinctive Filipino tradition is that whenever there's a special holiday being celebrated, it is instinctive and natural to go home to their own provinces. For me, the required travel also means a slight vacation on the side especially since Bogo is haven to wonderful, scenic beaches. In fact, the northward journey which starts from the town of Consolacion is jotted with beach lots and properties all along the coastline. Some towns such as Danao, Carmen and Catmon can really boast of sandy, white beaches located just along the national road. It is because of these roadside attractions that I am able to enjoy the trip despite of the heat and smoke of fuming buses and other vehicles. When we reach Lugo, vendors along the road offer us with Budbod Kabog, a local delicacy made of corn extracts which is really mouth-watering once you get the hang of it. At last, we reach Brgy. Lapaz, passed along the Shrine of Mary Immaculate, and the Municipal Hall of Bogo greets us just located at the left side the road. This is the first landmark which signals that you are approaching the Bogo proper.

Thankfully, the three hour ride to my good, old home town was over and I finally hit home. However, all my folks were already at the cemetery paying respects to our dear departed ones. My brother even texted me to follow them if I can still manage it. But the heat and dust from travel never fails to make me dizzy that is why I choose to go home first. Anyway, my plan is to visit the cemetery and light candles on November 2nd to avoid the bulk of people generally expected to make their visits on the 1st.

I had a good sleep after which a good home made meal (thanks to my Ma's ever homey cooking skills :=)). When night came, I spent some time with friends hanging out in Bogo's Pantalan, it's the ever popular tambayan of Bogohanons. I chose not to make out most of the night since my younger brother is with me. We made our way home at around 12:00 midnight. I was up early the next day. I have to pack my things again for the trip back to Cebu City. But first, I went to my Aunt's burial place, lighted candles and said a prayer, hoping that She's in a safe place with the angels above together with all of my departed folks.

Once again, I sat in a Ceres bus for the ride back to where my work, responsibilities and life are. I'll be missing my family, friends and of course, good old Bogo. But for sure, I'll be back for the next big celebration- Christmas! Definitely, another trip worth looking forward into.

XS: Time, time, time! I realize now that if only I could give up my drinking sessions, I would have access to ample time for writing.