Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting a New Password for SSS e-Membership

...continuation from the preceding post (changing SSS membership status)

Since I still had time, I went to the electronic area of SSS which can be easily distinguished because there's a big sign about electronic processing when taking SSS ID pictures. This department requires a priority number and I was about the 10th from the one who was being entertained at that time. Well, I really don't like waiting so I just decided I'd return my number because I observed that a single transaction from one person takes about 5-10 minutes to process.

As I was leaving though, I asked an official looking lady if I could just change my SSS password by myself at home. She asked why and I told her I'm in a hurry. She then told me to sit down and said she will look into. Wow, the day was turning into one of my luckier days! She asked for my ID number and accessed my e-account almost immediately. She let me change my password into a new one along with my old account details (from the previous company). It took about 5 minutes and I was done. I just listed my new password in case I forget and went out. 

But before that, I told her that they should be using Chrome instead of the clunky IE to make the SSS pages load faster. She told me IE is the default explorer of SSS so I thought to myself, maybe it will take another 20 years for that to change. Government offices are so slow to adapt to new technologies, but who am I to complain? I got my new password and I did not even wait so long in line for it! Many thanks to that attendant and to SSS! 

When I got home, I logged back in to my SSS e-account and I browsed my payment history, loan history, actual payments and profile. You just have to stay active on the page otherwise, it will automatically log out if you're inactive for about 3-5 minutes, I guess. I'm not sure of the duration really but I was only browsing other pages for some time and I have to log in again when I got back to the SSS page. 

Another thing to remember is that you need to change your password every 6 months before it expires. SSS implemented this to keep our accounts secure.

How about you? Do you have any experience in transacting with SSS? Or if you have inquiries, feel free to post them below and I'll help you with answers.

Changing SSS Membership Status from a Covered Employee to Voluntary Member

I've been working as a home based writer and VA for almost 4 months now and I've been planning to continue my SSS contributions. I finally have to change my membership status from a covered employee to a voluntary member so I didn't had a choice any more but to make time for it. 

I boarded the jeepney bound for Colon-Jones area and was disoriented on the location of the new building. Well, it was new for me because it was my first time to go there since SSS Cebu transferred to the Osmena Blvd. address from Gorordo. When I got down, I asked the nearest lady where is the SSS building and directly pointed right in front of me. Oh, silly me- it's the biggest building on that side of the street and I didn't notice. 

Along I went with the throngs of people coming in. There are already long ques in almost all windows typical of any government Phil. office. I asked the guy from information if a mere inquiry about change of status would need a priority number. He replied no and said that I should just go directly to their Customer Service or Information Desk. I was a bit glad because I thought it would spare me from long lines. The CS desk however, is also full of people waiting for their turn. This means, I just have fall in line without any need for a priority number. The procedure was quick though and after about 10-20 minutes, I'm already facing the info officer.

I asked him what are the requirements to change my membership status from a covered employee to a voluntary member. He explained that it's fairly easy because I only need to tick the right category in the RS-5 payment form on my next contribution and I don't need to file any document any more. This means, SSS will automatically change my membership status once they see that the VM box was ticked on my RS-5 form. Well, this is quite a relief so I just asked for one form from the officer and I went to my next agenda of the day...
(continued on the next post about SSS e-membership)