Thursday, October 8, 2009

Open Arms- Tracy Chapman

Perhaps I've listened to this song for the nth time, I can't count it anymore. It is just sooo meaningful- it's for YOU.

If love is what you want
Baby here I am
If tenderness is what you need
Ive got that to give
If you need some affection
Baby these are open arms
Open arms open arms open arms open arms
You come hem youve had a hard day
Every door you tried to open
Was closing in your face
Im right here Ill be right here
Ill embrace you

Ill be open with my heart
Ill let you in
Ill be open with my thoughts
Ill be your best friend
If you need some attention
Baby these are open arms
Open arms open arms open arms open arms

Every corner you turn
Trouble come your way
But when you get home
Ill try to be there
And Ill embrace you

These are
These are
These are
Open arms

If time is what you need
Baby Ill stop the clocks
If youre looking for something
Maybe Ive got what you want
If theres one thing to remember
Dont forget that these are open arms
Open arms open arms open arms open arms

These are
These are
These are
Open arms

Spotlight's on: Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman is a great artist. Even if you might think I'm biased here, she's got the Grammys to prove it, alright?


1989- Grammy Award for Best New Artist

1989- Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for "Fast Car"

1989- Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album

1997- Grammy Award for Best Rock Song for "Give Me One Reason"

But what's more compelling aside from all of that is the award given to her by Tufts (the University she went to) with an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Fine Arts to appreciate her efforts on social and artistic works.

So aren't you convinced yet? Better listen and if you still don't like her music, what are you?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Durhan Beach Resort

Last September 6, 2009 was our quarterly company outing. I woke up early--- call time was 7:00 am, reached M-bank Plaza with anticipation that I maybe the last to board the bus. But nobody's in sight, I found out that almost everyone is late. Tsk, tsk

That day's company outing was headed towards Durhan Beach Resort, located at the northern part of Cebu which is Tabuelan. I sat at the back with Sheila and the gang:


Ocean view when we arrived. There was a tropical depression somewhere so the water's somewhat murky:

The writer's room was on the 2nd floor.

Lunch was lechon and plenty of other mouth-watering menus.

Hospitality from the Durhan staff should be commended. They served, and served us right.

A program followed:

Contender of the Singing Contest from the Writing Team. Toinks:


Raffle prices were mostly won by writers.

Mobile Phones for Melai and Rhoda:

I got a keychain, mouse pad and Bingo Set!

Swimming and Frolicking:

Body-licious writers, eh?

Singit lang ni night shot:

The morning of the following day, we packed and boarded this bus:

Jake was his usual self- restless and clowning:

I'd say the Outing was fun and relaxing!

Next event will be the Team Company Outing. Stay posted!