Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All About Eve

Perhaps I woke up on the wrong side of the bed because I can't quite get rid of the blues that's creeping me today. Or it might be that I'm going to lose IT. With the way I gather the latest developments (or is it improvement?) on your life last night, I'm halfway scared of what might happen when you finally decide. You see, I've come to value your presence whenever I need you. Your being there always when even it is not that important. The way you come to my aid when I get overwhelmed with even the most mundane things. These and more of the being YOU is what keeps me into rushing through life with confidence. The knowledge that you are there no matter what, and the assurance that you will always be with me when important highlights in my life happen, are enough to keep me strong and positive every time I wake up in the day. You see, I've gotten very used to your unconditional support, understanding and love.

Now, the implication would be that I will lose all of these because you have to move on. Yes, I totally agree that you should experience another LOVE again. Knowing what you have been through- you of all people deserve only the best and the most genuine of happiness that a unique individual like you should have. I know I have to support you all the way too. I know I must be the shoulder to lean and cry on whenever another set of heartaches comes your way. I should reciprocate the countless times you have brightened my day by being happy with the exciting path you are about to take. But why do I feel threatened instead? Why do I have this unexplainable fear that is gripping my gut even though I convince myself that everything will be alright? Oh, I hate this feeling- once again, I have to go through this. But away you should go and away you must. If you get back before you return, and if I ain't around waiting, then I must be somewhere looking for you...