Friday, October 29, 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Coming Soon!

Wow, the long wait is gonna be over as the 7th Harry Potter book(Part 1) will be released on film come November. Will it be worth it? I know, this is just one of the many questions that avid fans are anticipating to justify. I have long been a fan of this J.K. Rowling masterpiece and I have favoured, Order of the Phoenix more than the others. However, when I saw the thriller of The Deathly Hallows, the same juicy, mouth-watering excitement gripped me. There and then, I know I have to be the first to watch this movie. And yes, the HP spell that has long ago been casted into my being has came back. Whew, this feeling of excitement is somewhat making me pee!

So, watch out for a bewitchin' review , folks!

Meanwhile, delight yourself with The Deathly Hallows video.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Travelling for a Breath of Fresh Air

Feeling overworked and overstressed, I am looking forward to the break from work come December. I'll be flying away to Neverland and I'll be with my Zinkerbell, hoping never to come back to an existence of never ending pressure. I want to travel where there is no need to mind the time, no need to check the watch's second hand, no need to speed up for another task. I want to laze around a sunny beach, sip lemon juice and just read a good book(humourous) by the seashore.
I want to jog in the mornings, sleep back till noon and cook a step by step recipe for dinner. whew.. Enough of my wishful thinking. Now all I have to do is focus on my responsibilities and the day will surely wear on. And the next thing I'll know, it's the Christmas month! Yey 

Davao, here I come!

Eat, Pray, Love by E. Gilbert

owww.. The wariness I felt when I first saw this book. Actually it was a mixture of surprise, gladness and worry that enveloped me; this book was a special gift from the special-est someone of my existence thus, the mixed-up elation. Of course, I'm so happy that a gift is bestowed on me. But, a "girly" book? Well, try me, I thought. I'm actually so versatile when it comes to books and this challenge would just be a piece of.. 

SURPRISE! The first ideas are interesting enough that I keep paging till I got through paragraphs. And with honest-to-goodness humour in between, what could I ask more of a book? Well, there is of course, the plot, the twists, the language, the general appeal to different specific audiences: but I'm a non-demanding reader. I only want good ole humour from a book and when it does make me laugh, I salute the author right away. So, you want to know what's laughable in Eat, Pray, Love? Dig in! 

(This is my cool way of saying, watch out for a review, folks! wink-wink) 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Night I Passed Away

It was the night for the Vesperas of our Barrio Fiesta that I finally decided to go. I can hear the disco music loudly and I can feel that the whole barrio is buzzing with lively activities. I so long to be out there: celebrate with my friends, walk out to our plaza, play bingo and do all kinds of stuff that a free bloke is able to do. To say that I'm bored to death is an understatement. So I want to literally die to escape this cell that has taken me hostage for years now. Or, is it really years now that I haven't been able to walk outside? But I thought I saw birds flying yesterday in the corn fields...This confusion and a lot other unexplainable stuff has even strengthened my resolve to free myself. Oh, if only I could bolt out of the door and run through the wet soil in the corn fields. But how can I get past the rails guarding me? How do I make that ultimate escape? Death. Yes, by dying, I am sure to live again. 
I was tired of staring at the walls of my confinement. Day and night, I just sat and stare; still nothing changes. I stare at the wallpaint and day by day there is no change. Or perhaps it is starting to fade but I cannot tell the change at all due to the monotony of staring at it all the time.
I have long been fading away. My mother has sensed it. She checked on me last night, her face quite flushed and worry showed in her face. In fact, the visit turned out to be one of those "drama episodes". She ending up crying and I, feeling bewildered. Why would she cry over me when all I want is to see the world outside?

... to be continued...