Saturday, May 7, 2011

MSI Wind Review

I am a lazy writer, I confess. I have this usual compulsion to hurry. Hurry my bath, hurry my meal, hurry to work, hurry the call of nature in the restroom, even. Everything about me these days seem to be always in a hurry. Hence, my writing is now being affected and I tend to hurry my thoughts. Yes, in putting ideas into words, I hurry as well. So instead of making an intimate netbook review of my own, I prefer to GI (google it) and here, I found one extensive enough from Kevin O'brein of Notebook Review.

Sleek, isn't it? Now, would you like to have it? It's for sale, actually. My needs have upgraded to a desktop so I'm selling it for 15k PhP only (slightly negotiable; credit or cash). This baby is still not one year old from my care and believe me, I'm great at providing TLC to babies. Want to know other details? Do post your inquiries here. *wink*

Great Blogs Followed

As I've been away too long and just made my first ever post of the year this May, I want to somehow make up for lost times. I never thought I ever missed blogging until I clicked the "Add Post" app of blogger again. So here's what I did. I checked what fellow bloggers have been up to lately and they're quite doing great! So much so that I am following them now: - can be shitty and weirdy sometimes, but Jonas is always great reading for me. The Whatever Works banner aptly describes the blog. Try it, may work for you too. - is that soft yet strong girl you'll not find in this modern world often. She has that wonderful character you'll instantly like. Take a peek now! - a chronicle of how the world is through a bum's eyes. See Louie in action, humor, faith, drama.. you name it, this blog has it!

Excess: Does LTV ring a bell, guys? *winks*

Website Competition Update

Glad to be back again! I just want to do a follow-up on my last entry. Well, what happened to the website competition I burdened myself with? The end date was sometime in January, 2011. We did not make it to the first spot, unfortunately. Nor to the second and third. In fact, the host announced the placers in last-first order and so I thought we never got in when she called the first last placer. Because I thought if ever we will get a place in the contest, the last place would be the most possible recognition we could get. Who wouldn't think that CWP is worth it since we didn't do much work on it? The criteria were so many that we only get to place one link on it - this same, old blog of mine! A bit of  SEO work was also undertaken but that was it. Apparently, somebody else did worse on their homework. So when the host moved on to the next placer, lo and behold, it was Cebu Web Portal being called! However small the award can be, it is still a wow feeling when you get recognized by something you had sweat-en out on. 

Here are some of the placers (as far as my scratched head can remember):

And to all the winners, kudos everyone. To the losers, congrats still!