Sunday, March 15, 2009

Isn't It Ironic?

As I read along the new posts of my co-bloggers in this blogging world, I realize that a lot of changes can take place while one is immersed with his/her own changes in life too.
You see, I myself have been in the process of effecting changes in my own life. Lesser drinks, totally no smoking and be more responsible in all aspects of being me are just some of what I am aiming at. So while I was suffering from my own woes (me being alone), others are feeling much, much worse far than I thought I am going through. Should I consider myself lucky then? Should I feel thankful that my burdens are somewhat lighter than theirs? Well, not really. Even though we are each to his own, it is still a breath of fresh air if I hear that a colleague, acquaintance or friend have good news to tell. Or if something wonderful have gone on with their lives. So allow me to break the news here that I haven't smoke for two months straight now! If you are a smoker, you'll understand why this is an accomplishment for me.
Regarding drinks, it is still a refreshment but drinking sessions with the RH are more enjoyable if you do it only twice a month. Especially if you have the D-sessions during paydays because that way, you will be able to budget your unbudgetable salary realistically. So for all of us, Cheers and Good Luck!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Garrido-Zerna Nuptials Feb. 14, 2009

There is always something glorious about a wedding. And the wedding that day on February 14, 2009 was no exception. The bride walked down the aisle, her eyes glinting with happiness and excitement, with her father on her side while the groom waited patiently in the altar. Finally, after years of waiting, he will become one with his Lady Love this very day of St. Valentine.

Although the weather that day is slightly unfriendly (a storm was raging somewhere in Western Visayas), it did not dampen a bit the festive mood within that small chapel of Archbishop Palace. The motif was colourful enough and made more so by the ones wearing it. I can tell that yellow and green is favoured by the bride and true enough, it speaks of her fun-loving, open personality. This fantastic personality can be seen in the celebration, and I can feel the giddiness reaching into the family, guests and friends of the couple, too.

Having known the couple back when they were still starting to date, I can understand how excited they both are during this very special day. Of course, the decision didn't come out of the blue. Being two mature individuals, much have been prepared: their psychological, mental, spiritual and of course financial capabilities have been weighed back and forth, back and forth, before finally coming to the decision of tying the knot today. Indeed, starting a family especially in these times, requires courage and determination. So now they are both prepared to face their Creator and solidify love and commitment with the Lord's blessing and guidance.

As they face the altar saying their vows, one can tell they have come ready. They have waited six years in true, honest Christian living and they are now both ready to fare the hardships of life-- TWOgether. There will be friction. But, what's getting married for without the occasional spices? …

The garden reception at the Fort San Pedro grounds is not just superb, it is perfect for these two beautiful souls. It was attended by family and close friends- the celebration was wonderfully intimate.

While looking at the newlyweds, their faces glowing of gladness and wedded bliss, I know that Khouca and Jan-jan will live happily throughout their years. And as I exited the party while both the couple are dancing happily, I honestly prayed for them both. That the Lord may shower all His blessings to them and that they will have the glory of wonderful children that will come out from their union. For both of you, CHEERS!