Thursday, August 13, 2009

Farewell, Sucker!

Once again, I sucked at it
I handled it badly and now I'm on the brink of despair again
Just what is that damn formula for a relationship to last?
I thought I was more than ready,
But I sucked and there is no escaping it
I have to face it fair and square;
I must accept that I failed- again
And although I am hurting and so disappointed,
I find solace in the thought that I won't be wrecking havoc once more
Because I'm letting go
I'm letting go now that there is still a sense of respect left,
No matter how my heart entraps me-
I have to force myself to look the other way
Through this, no more pain, shame and torment will shatter both our hearts.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Be Careful of My Heart – Tracy Chapman

You and your sweet smile
You and all your tantalizing ways
You and your honey lips
You and all the sweet things that they say
You and your wild wild ways
One day you just up and walked away

You felt me hurting
But I can forgive you for that now
You taught me something
Something took me half my life to learn
When you give all yourself away
Just tell them to be careful of your heart

Be careful of my heart
Be careful of this heart of mine
Be careful of my heart
I just might break and send some splitters flying
Be careful of my heart
Be careful

You you you
You you you
You you you
Took my love
Thought you took it all

You you you
You you you
You you you
Took my love
And now you're gone

But I'm not breaking down
And I'm not falling apart
I just lost a little faith
When you broke my heart
Given a chance
I might try it again
But I wouldn't risk it all this time

I'd save
A little love for myself
Enough for my heart to mend
A little love for myself
One day I just might love again
One day some sweet smile might turn my heart
One day I just might give all myself away
One day
One day
One day

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ironic Life

I’ve realised how life can really play games on you
If today, you are feeling total bliss, you will never know
What tomorrow will bring
If right now, you are singing this tune:

“I'm gonna be the love that's gonna last
And be the one that got your back
Ain't nothing ever that bad that we won't be together
And though we both made our mistakes
And some we never wish we made
But we'll be okay if we just stay together”

Without any clue that the next day will bring you:

“I need to know girl where do we go from here
Now that it's all up in the atmosphere
I found out that you cheated on me
Like I cheated on you with her
Now we're even what happens from here

Girl I'll break my pride and say this
I know that we both crossed forbidden ranges
Let's take our time
Don't cross the river
Back to the place we begun”

So, we just have to be content on what’s at hand
And what’s handed down to us this very minute,
Whether to bask in happiness, or struggle with pain
Holding on is really life's profound meaning.