Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Exam for a Driver's Licence at Cebu LTO

So here's my overview when I took that exam last May:

1. Be sure to arrive there early (6.30 or 7.00 AM will do).
2. When you are done with the paperwork and fees, you will be called to go inside a room with a lecturer (who is a funny, interesting lady). So just chill and learn from her.
3. By about 10AM, the lecture will start and almost all of the road signs are written on the white board in front of you. This is an open-kudigo as it will not be erased there as you answer the questions. I believe, it has not been erased for a long time now as there are already some vague markings on that whiteboard. The first part would be identifying the road signs and traffic signals and the second or third part (I forgot) will tackle situations.
4. Just listen intently to what the lecturer is discussing because there are practical questions that will come out in the exam and your good judgment will be needed. Say for example, she will give you a situation where two vehicles are entering an intersection. Who should pass first? This does not have a fixed answer because the question may involve traffic signals. So of course, if the vehicle in front of you has the green signal has to go first and vice versa, if you are driver of the other vehicle.
5. Another question may also go like this: you see a certain sign beside the road (which means let the pedestrians pass- especially if the area has a school), what would you do? Then you will be given different situational choices. Of course, pick out the best answer.
6. While taking the exam, you also have the liberty to get a closer look of the signs on the whiteboard. Just don't block the view of other examinees. Or else, the lecturer/proctor will castrate you. *winks
7. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS AT ALL TIMES. This is a computerised exam, so if you were not able to shade the choices properly, then of course, the machine will not tolerate it. BTW, take note that the exam is divided to Set A and Set B.
8. At the end of the exam, you go to the lecturer's table and have it scanned right away. You pray then that you will pass. If I remember correctly, the passing rate is 85 or 90/100, I think. So it would be ideal to aim for the perfect score so that when you get a mistake or two, you are still safe.
9. All the answers can be found on the whiteboard actually so, you just have to be confident and use common sense.

10. Do not be overwhelmed by the exam because taking it is a worthwhile experience that you should be proud of. So whether you pass or fail, its a worthy activity on its own. But, if I have done it, why can't you?

Good luck, then!

Most of these signs will come up on the exam:

Road Safety Signs


Disclaimer: This post does not guarantee that you will pass in the exam but is intended to guide you only. I hope this will help, somehow.

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