Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting a Driver's License in Cebu LTO

Unawesome. That's how my day went at LTO Cebu to get a new non-professional driver's license. Having filed a much challenging leave from my work, I went there past 9am only to be told by the guard that they can't accept any more applicants because their morning allocation of 20 people are already full. So I inquired if I could wait for the 2nd batch which is from 12.30-1.30 and he said, it's already full as well. I should have gone earlier at 6 or 7am maybe. Well, aside from wishing they could have allocated more applicants daily, I wouldn't have mind going there earlier- HAD I KNOWN THEIR SCHEDULE beforehand. 

See, I've done my research well (that's how I'm paid-researching), on the needed requirements when getting a driver's license but there was no warning about a certain time and the certain people that they will accept within a day. Once again, this is very typical of a government agency, eh? And this is just the start of today's unawesomeness, actually. Wonder about the differences in the real fees and those with the fixers'? I'll give you insights next post. 

As for now, good night Netizens!