Saturday, September 22, 2012

Newton Running Shoes for Men: Breaking Records

Whether running is a necessity or a lifestyle, it is highly important to wear shoes that are comfortable and secure. The makers of Newtown running shoes for men understand this and they have patented the Newton Reaction Action/Reaction Technology to ensure that the runner’s feet get the appropriate protection while on the track. It is equipped with four external actuator lugs that are located in the shoe’s midsole, which absorbs shock. As you propel forward for the next stride, the lugs release absorbed energy from an energetic return from the Action/Reaction Technology.

Other brands have boasted of using gel, foam, plastic or air on their running shoes to optimize functionality, but no other technology has captured the counteraction of a foot’s impact to the ground perfectly like Newton’s Action/Reaction Technology™. 

For men who want to break world or personal records, get Newton Running shoes today!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Unique Abs Workout for a Six Pack to Die For!

By Yarixa Ferrao from VOXXI

Six pack abs! This is by far the staple for how much in shape someone is. Every single person that graces the cover of a fitness magazine usually meets one requisite: sexy abs! Whether that means a flat stomach with some defining lines for the girls or the clear cut six pack for the guys, it is the one thing we all admire and that makes us understand how committed that person must have been or is to get those kind of abs. A great abs workout is usually behind this success.

It is sad however when I see people waste their time doing a bunch of crunches. I’ve personally met people who do 1,000 crunches every day as part of their abs workout and confess they have not seen any results and still don’t have a six pack. Gosh, that’s terrible! This is exactly why people get discouraged—they work so hard at something and they barely get any results.
The fantastic news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! In this short video I show you an abs workout with three simple moves using a stability ball that really works your core and gets fantastic abs more effectively, allowing you to achieve not only sexy abs, but also a strong core.
Replace your typical floor crunches with this abs workout, two to three times per week for the amount of sets and reps I tell you in the video. Let me know how it goes!

Watch the video!

Do not forget about the other main component to a super sexy stomach: nutrition. Without this, you can do all the core and ab work you want, but that six pack will remain so hidden under a thick layer of fat, no one (not even you) will know how hard you were actually working. So check out some of my other blogs and videos at VOXXI to learn more about what and when you need to eat in combination with your exercise routine.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Shot at Instagram

The fact that I just tried Instagram last week may surprise some avid Instagrammers out there who may have used the app for a long time now. So pardon me if my test photos are bad. I just wanted to see how to use the app and I had fun with it! No wonder that a lot of users are hooked with it these days.

@Pandan, Bogo with Jonah   


Rare shot of my grannant



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sharing Random Pics

To break the monotony of my bumhood, I would like to share these equally monotonous pictures not to delight you but, to bore you to death too! 

Hope you'll be bored as much as I'm feeling now. (evil grin)

I don't have the eye to take great pictures so, I content myself with these ugly shots. 

I don't know how to take good photos today, tomorrow, and I never will be.

*pics courtesy of Avid Thinker. if you find any use of them then go!