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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Senior Health: Ideas to Help You Overcome Your Physical Activity Challenges

Kids seem to have all the energy. They play and run around without managing to lose any ounce of strength. Then we grow up, and our bones and muscles begin to swell and ache.  When you enter senior citizenship, you don’t have to live a sedentary life. Many obstacles to moving around are actually quite manageable. Don’t let age get you down. Instead, use these ideas to help overcome the physical challenges that may come with your golden years.
Senior Aerobic Classes
Look at community center, library, senior living centers, and other public posting areas to find classes designed for senior citizens wanting to stay physically active. The leaders of these groups know methods to help you get active without straining and hurting your muscles. You’ll learn better ways to work out that can easily be mastered. You may even be reimbursed for the costs by your insurance company for attending.
Know Your Limits
Especially if you’ve been injured recently, getting back to physical activity can seem daunting. While you definitely don’t want to exert yourself or put yourself in a more intense situation, you shouldn’t be frightened of moving again. Getting back out there and engaging in physical activities is great for your body, and it’ll also help build your mental and spiritual strength.
Do a Little
Just because you’re ready to start participating in more physical activities doesn't mean you’re ready to start racing to the football field. Take as much time as you need getting yourself marathon ready. Get started by going for a walk around the block with a couple of your friends or throw a ball back and forth against the wall. This’ll help you build strength and endurance until you’re ready to try more advanced activities. After some training, you could be climbing mountains or doing other more rigorous activities!
Don't Feel Alone
As noted before, don’t feel like you’re the only one facing these challenges. Look around and you’ll find that family and friends are there to help you overcome any obstacles. You’ll find members of your community in the same place you are, so don’t worry about not being able to run a mile. There are many different levels of fitness. Enroll in classes with your friends to motivate yourself to stick with those classes. All of you’ll start to see changes for the better − together!
Visit The Doctor
No matter your age, it’s highly recommended to consult with your doctor before beginning any sort of exercise regime. You don't want to injure yourself or aggravate any conditions that you may have. This is particularly important for senior citizens, as bodies wear down with time and tend to not be quite as strong as they once were.
As you can see, being a senior citizen doesn't have to limit what you can and can’t physically do. Just be aware of your limits. With these tips you’ll be on your way to a happier, healthier life when you start moving to the beat of an active lifestyle.

Kathy Flute is a resident nurse who works in an assisted living facility. She enjoys writing about mental health, physical fitness, offering advice to expectant mothers, and the 10 Best Online Nursing Masters Degree MSN Programs.