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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to Balance a Busy Life: The Importance of Spending Time with Family

Little moments you share with your family can be some of the most important ones in your life. Work helps you to put food on the table, and school assists in educating your mind, but without family, you lose an important network of support. Spending time with your family will strengthen five key areas of your life and leave you feeling more confident than ever.

Life's Short
Even if you justify working a lot because you're trying to build a better life for your children, one day you'll wake up and they could be full-grown. In the blink of an eye, your kids will moving off to start their own families, so remember to cherish the precious moments. 

Nothing Lasts Forever
Sadly, older generations of the family will pass on, but new generations will be born. As we look back, we begin to long for additional moments and time with loved ones. Put more effort into your relationships now, so you won't be filled with a deep sense of regret and longing later. Cherish your time with family while everyone is still around.

Choose Your Time Wisely
A big raise or the possibility of a promotion looming before your eyes can be very motivating, and you might be convinced, at least for a while, that this is the most important thing out there. However, your company isn't your family. Money, possessions, fancy cars, and brand-name clothing can’t replace the memories you created with your family. Don’t wait until it’s convenient for you to build relationships, it may be too late by then.

Stress-Free Friends
We can get so caught up in our regular tasks that we don’t realize how stressed out we’re actually making ourselves. Moving from job to job and racing from activity to activity takes a ton of energy from us. Spending time with your family can be the breath of fresh air you need. Relaxing around your family allows you to let your guard down and enjoy how cool your family can be.

Knowing Each Other
Even if you feel as though your co-workers have become your family, careers and people may change, but your family stays the same. Making time for family is paramount to maintaining a strong support network in case of relocation or a switch in careers. You’ll always have someone to fall back on and help in any circumstance.

Spending time with your family may be annoying or tedious now, but who knows? Maybe with a few family outings, you’ll find out that you and your relatives have more common interests than you thought. After all, these are the people you grew up with, and the people who’ll continue to nurture you for years to come.

Renee Watson is an army veteran and mother of three who enjoys to write articles about relationships, family, self-help, and the Best Military Colleges.